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European Parliament Award

Bravooooooo!!! Super felicitari!!!

Romania team Vebbio wins the European Parliament Award

Brussels - June 27, 2008; Team Vebbio from Romania won the first European Parliament Award for “Favourite Company”, yesterday at the JA-YE Europe Enterprise Challenge 2008. Vebbio Ltd. is a virtual company focused on the design, manufacturing and marketing of objects intended for integrated waste management.

Vebbio’s “waste basket” manages domestic waste in a sustainable and efficient way.“In essence, Vebbio wants to solve the waste problem worldwide through innovative ways of recycling garbage,” said Ovidiu Vasiliu from Vebbio.
Winner of the EU Parliament Award - team Vebbio and Ramona Nicolae Manescu, Member of the European Parliament

“We all know that waste management is a really important issue and we want to encourage projects focused on solving this problem which unfortunately is becoming more serious everyday. I want to congratulate this team for adding the fourth "R" coming from RECONSIDER to the already 3 R’s that we all know: recycle, reconstruction and reuse,” said Ramona Nicolae Manescu, Member of the European Parliament.
57 young entrepreneurs representing 15 student companies from across Europe participatedin the JA-YE Europe Enterprise Challenge 2008. The event took place in the European Parliament and was hosted by Mr Daniel Daianu and Ms Ramona Manescu, Members of the European Parliament. These are students aged 19 and over who are running a company as part of their higher education (college or university), under the mentoring of their professors and business volunteers. These young people are developing companies that offer real products and/or services and are dealing with the everyday problems of starting up.

There are 25,000 students in the JA-YE Graduate Programme for Entrepreneurship in Europe this year and statistics show that more than 29% of these graduates will go on to succeed as fully-fledged entrepreneurs which is equivalent to approximately 7,250 enterprises.

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