joi, august 24, 2006

Salata de castraveti, aur alb si vin rosu. In engleza.

2007, September 12 (Romania, Indian restaurant)

Dal fry, cheese naan and lassi, please! Sweet lassi, please! Thank you!
... yes, one year ago...yes, India...

I still remember a lot of incredible things about India. A country full of colors & flavors, beautiful & amazing contradictory places.

I still have in my mind the taste of masala and the "Gangster" movie song...
I still feel the monsoon, I still feel the rains. My eyes are still burning in the green valleys of Matheran. I still have in my soul the wind from the Rajasthan desert. I still have the bright Gange river in my mind and Varanasi keep telling me stories about the old Indian culture.

I still remember of Maxima. Mumbai Maxima.

...But maybe the most important, I still remember the tumultuous but positive way of Indian life; with people and smiles on the streets...

Yes, I still remember the beginning of my story in India when I did not know why sometimes the things were moving too slow, why it was hard to receive the real answer/feedback and not just a friendly smile.

...But now I know that those people have great confidence in their future! They have strong companies and strong leaders with interesting principles about business & life. They have strong believes and strong culture.

They have soul.

2006, August 24 (cyber café, Hateg, Romania)

For all of these... thank you!
Thank you for being part of my story in India!
Specials thanks to AIESEC India & Romania!
I'm really proud that I was part of India for 5 months!