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Acum 60 de ani a fost asasinat Gandhi.

"Parintele natiunii" Gandhi a fost unul din cei mai importanti lideri ai lumii moderne.
A revolutionat modul de a actiona. In vreme ce Europa crestea lideri ca Hitler - Gandhi utiliza nonviolenta ca mijloc principal pentru a cladi o natiune independenta. Educat la Londra, dar cu puternice influente traditionale indiene, Gandhi a fost cel care a deschis calea catre obtinerea independentei Indiei.

A crescut in filozofia de viata Jainista --religie si mod de viata avand la baza confluenta intre doua religii Hinduism si Budism. Acest cult are ca elemente centrale respectul pentru viata, vegetarianismul si nonviolenta. Suna cunoscut ?

Cu ce a ramas omenirea dupa Gandhi ?

Cu o alternativa la razboiul clasic, violent;
Puternica influenta pentru lupta contra discriminare -- liderii africani ce au luptat contra discriminarii de rasa au fost inspirati de actiunile lui Gandhi in Africa de Sud si in India;
Inspiratie pentru liderii miscarilor de eliberare din Tibet, Africa;
Cu roata de tors de pe drapelul Indiei;
Cu o tara independenta;
Desi nu este realizarea lui Gandhi nici pe departe -- totusi lumea s-a ales cu inca 2 tari in plus in loc de una: Pakistan si Bangladesh;
Cu spiritul unui lider spiritual total diferit de modelul european;
Simplitatea, decenta si spiritul unui om extraordinar.
De curand am vazut "Gandhi" un film capodopera din anii ' 80. A castigat la momentul respectiv 9 premii Oscar.
Merita vazut. (desi avem secvente din film folosite in training -- nu vazusem filmul in intregime spre rusinea mea)

Mai jos este articolul /stirea de la BBC despre comemorarea lui Gandhi.

"Ashes of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi have been scattered off the coast of Mumbai to mark the 60th anniversary of his assassination.

An urn containing the ashes was opened and they were mixed with water from the Arabian Sea by his great-granddaughter Nilamben Parikh.
The ceremony was in accordance with Hindu rites.
Gandhi - called Mahatma or "Great Soul" - spearheaded a non-violent campaign against the British Raj.

'Come together'

His campaign culminated in India getting its independence in 1947.
"It is a day of thought and reflection for me and for all of us who can now look to carry his thoughts forward," Ms Parikh, 75, said. "I feel on this occasion the whole nation will come together."

She and 10 other family members - descendants of Gandhi's four sons - boarded a boat and scattered the ashes about 1km (0.6 miles) out to sea.
Ms Parikh is descended from Gandhi's eldest son, Harilal, who had a turbulent relationship with his father and was not at his funeral, contravening Hindu tradition by which the eldest son lights the father's funeral pyre.
Her participation in the ceremony has been described by family members as a gesture of reconciliation.

After Gandhi's cremation, his ashes were distributed in 20 different containers to towns and villages across India for memorial services.
Some were kept and worshipped by wealthy industrialist families who supported Gandhi during his lifetime.

Moral conscience

In 1997, one such urn was found in a bank locker in the state of Orissa. They were later immersed in keeping with the family's wishes.
The BBC's Prachi Pinglay, who attended the Mumbai ceremony, says that many of those present at Chowpatty beach were in their seventies. Indian Home Minister Shivraj Patel and Maharashtra Governor SM Krishna represented national and state governments.

The ashes were taken to sea after police formed a guard of honour.
Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic in 1948. Today he is widely revered as the nation's moral conscience.

His principles of truth and non-violence have been widely followed and worshipped.
However, some Hindus question his philosophy of non-violence.
Wednesday's ceremony was deeply moving for 72-year-old lawyer Trivedi, who stood at the barricade in Mumbai and watched his wife Usha Trivedi go with the boat to immerse the ashes.

He watched the media scuffle with police as they jostled to get on other boats to cover the ceremony with a certain amount of sadness.
"Isn't it an irony that when ashes of a man who practiced peace and non-violence are being immersed, there is so much commotion and chaos?" he asked.
As the ashes dropped deep into the sea, another follower with childhood memories of Gandhi, 72-year-old Dr Vora, was overcome with emotion.
"Hope he is reborn," she said.

miercuri, ianuarie 30, 2008

Despre Gripa

ca tot e la mare moda.


stai acasa 2 zile
nu mergi la birou
dormi suficient -- chiar prea mult
te joci pe calculator
te uiti la TV ziua la ora 2 -- daca ai cablu (eu nu am:)
primesti masaj pe gratis
primesti ceai fierbinte
ai mutritza de victima societatii
te suna lumea ingrijorata :)
nu speli vasele dupa ce mananci
nu duci galeata de gunoi
nu mergi dupa paine in oras
mergi cu taxi la doctor (nu cu metroul)


iti curge nasul
te cam doar tot corpul
mancarea are gust de plastic
dormi prea mult
pierzi timpul
pastilele sunt amare
ai febra -- ti-e prea cald
ti-e prea frig ?!
nu poti sa faci dragoste ..sau ?
nu poti sa mergi la bere in oras
fuge lumea de tine
cumperi o tona de batistutze lista e deschisa. Aveti idei?

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Jack Welch in Romania

Iaca cine vine la vara in Romania!

Cred ca e o veste buna! E drept, in doar cateva minute / ore petrecute intr-o sala cu un astfel de om nu cred ca poti invata FOARTE multe lucruri, dar cu siguranta poti sa ai un "feeling" apropo de cariera acestui om.

PS: Mai in gluma mai in serios iaca cine va schimba impresii despre Romania cu cei de la Iron Maiden vara 'ceasta :)

Mai multe informatii pe:

"Despre Jack Welch
In cei 20 de ani ca si CEO la General Electric, Jack Welch a transformat compania dintr-un mamut birocratic intr-o organizatie dinamica si apreciata. Sub conducerea sa valoarea de piata a companiei a crescut de la 13 miliarde USD la 400 miliarde USD. In tot acest proces, inovatiile in management ale lui Welch i-au facut pe multi sa-l considere cel mai influent CEO al tuturor timpurilor.[mai mult]

Despre Conferinta
Dintre toate personalitatile din istoria lumii afacerilor, Jack Welch este probabil persoana despre care se vorbeste cel mai mult si ale carui idei sunt aplicate de catre cei mai multi. Si-a folosit din plin strategiile unice de leadership si instinctele ascutite de afaceri conducand 20 de ani General Electric, cea mai complexa companie din lume.
Vino sa-l intalnesti pe Jack Welch, aceasta figura legendara a lumii de afaceri, si sa-i asculti secretele pentru succesul in afaceri si in viata..."

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Front 242

Front 242

De ascultat. Mai ales ca de la ei au invatat destul de multi: The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, etc.

"Front 242 is a pioneering Belgian electronic music group that came into prominence during the 1980s. During their most active period (effectively ending in 1993 with the albums 06:21:03:11 UP EVIL and 05:22:09:12 OFF) they influenced many industrial and electronic artists. The term electronic body music (EBM) was initially coined to describe their music."

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TATA - masina de 2500 $

Iaca ce mai fac indienii...

World's cheapest car goes on show

The car is designed for family use in India

Tata Motors has unveiled the world's cheapest motor car at India's biggest car show in the capital, Delhi.
The vehicle, called the Tata Nano, will sell for 100,000 rupees or $2,500 (£1,277) and enable those in developing countries to move to four wheels.

The four-door five-seater car, which goes on sale later this year, has a 33bhp, 624cc, engine at the rear.

It has no air conditioning, no electric windows and no power steering, but two deluxe models will be on offer.

See key features that make the Tata Nano so cheap
Tata will initially make about 250,000 Nanos and expects eventual annual demand of one million cars.

The price will be slightly more than the 100,000 once tax and other costs are taken into consideration.

The Nano release comes as India's domestic car market is predicted to soar in the coming years on the back of the country's fast-growing economy and increased consumer wealth.

'People's car'

Indian car sales are predicted to more than quadruple to $145bn by 2016.

Company chairman Ratan Tata said the launch of the Nano was a landmark in the history of transportation.

Tata Motors' engineers and designers gave their all for about four years to realise this goal

Ratan Tata, Tata Motors

Indians get ready for Nano

He said the car was "a safe, affordable and all weather transport - a people's car, designed to meet all safety standards and emissions laws and accessible to all".

Environmental critics have said that the car will lead to mounting air and pollution problems on India's already clogged roads.

But Tata said the car had passed emission standards and would average about 50 miles to the gallon, or five litres per hundred kilometres.

The firm also said it would introduce a diesel version of the Nano at a later date.

'Family transport'

At the unveiling ceremony Mr Tata said: "I observed families riding on two-wheelers - the father driving the scooter, his young kid standing in front of him, his wife seated behind him holding a little baby.

3.1m long, 1.5m wide, 1.6m high
Can seat four to five people
Meets European emission standards
Costs 100,000 rupees ($2,500)
Tata hopes to eventually export the car
Source: AFP

"It led me to wonder whether one could conceive of a safe, affordable, all-weather form of transport for such a family.

"Tata Motors' engineers and designers gave their all for about four years to realise this goal.

"Today, we indeed have a People's Car, which is affordable and yet built to meet safety requirements and emission norms, to be fuel efficient and low on emissions."

Ravi Vangala, of Hyderbad, India, said: "I... congratulate Tata for his dream, and I will definitely buy the Tata Nano car."

miercuri, ianuarie 09, 2008


sarmalele au statut
zapada s-asternut
horinca s-atrecut

iaca caci de sarbatori mancam bine, bem pe masura si ne vedem cu cei dragi, familie, prieteni, rude fie ce-o fi.
am avut 2 surprize placute!

in acest post o sa scriu despre prima surpriza placuta:


am avut pentru prima data senzatia unui orasel de munte ingrijit, curatel cu cladirile renovate si partial luminate
globuletele de Craciun si beteala a parasit casele incalzite si a dat iama si pe strazile orasului.
Singurul semafor din oras zambeste nostalgic la amintirea ultimele automobile care i-au cerut voie sa treaca.

In urma cu cativa ani imi imaginam deseori cu ar fi sa ajungi in propriul oras/ sat ca turist ?
cu ce ochi o sa privesti la tanti Marioara care vinde flori la coltul strazii?
uneori imi imaginam cum o sa vina o ruda in vizita si cum tu trebuie sa-i arati orasul vizitand fiecare cotlon cu infrigurare in suflet.

ceva mai spre zilele -- si meleagurile -- noastre am un exemplu din zona Lipscani. In toamna luasem un aer basescian si vizitam tot la 2 zile podul de civilizatie din jumatatea vestica catre cei estica a zonei Lipscani. Si ma bucuram ca un copil mic la inca 2 metri de pavaj castigat in defavoarea molozului.

Revenind la HATEG... orasul a avut de Craciun aerul catolic al unei asezari medievale. mi-a placut ca am trait cativa ani buni in Hateg!

Brusc mi-am dat seama ca acest oras are din plin multe ingrediente ale unui loc cu personalitate.

S-o luam cu inceputul.

Hateg a fost atestat documentar prima data in anul 17sicatva ...dar cateva insemnari despre Hateg ne spun ca de locul era cunoscut inca din 1247! sau (desi ultimul site este prost facut...)

Mult timp a fost-- si inca este-- capitala Tarii Hategului -- o mica depresiune ascunsa de Retezat si Parang unde viata targovetilor a inflorit de la an la an.
nu e de mirare ca in zona dacii au avut cetatile de la Costesti / Sarmisegetuza !

Nu mai vorbim si de Biserica de la Densus una din cele mai vechi de pe teritoriul Romaniei. In plus, de vreo cativa ani avem si descoperirea urmelor de dinozauri de langa comuna Unirea (circa 5 km de Hateg). Ceva animale aproximativ preistorice in viata sunt si in parcul de zimbrii de langa oras.

In concluzie -- pe langa muntii Retezat "brandul din regiune" cu siguranta merita o privire mai atenta si Tara Hategului, un loc cu personalitate.
O singura provocare ar mai fi... mai trebuie ca si oamenii care traiesc zi de zi acolo sa creada in orasul lor ... orasul si al meu.

Zilele viitoaremabateungand sa scriu despre Maramures. Un teritoriu altfel decat intreaga tara. Un teritoriu rupt de pe orarul desktopurilor moderne.

Hai sa avem an frumos, pozitiv si plin de momente de "aha" fericite!