joi, noiembrie 27, 2008

Mumbai attacks

"Gunmen have carried out a series of co-ordinated attacks across the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay), killing 101 people and injuring 287 more. At least seven high-profile locations were hit in India's financial capital, including two luxury hotels where dozens of hostages are being held. The buildings are now ringed by troops. Gunmen are also said to be holding people captive in an office block. Police say four suspected terrorists have been killed and nine arrested.

As day broke in Mumbai, the situation on the ground was still confused with reports of gunfire and explosions at between seven and 16 locations.
The city's main commuter train station, a hospital, a restaurant and two hotels - locations used by foreigners as well as local businessmen and leaders - were among those places caught up in the violence.

Commandos have surrounded the two hotels, the Taj Mahal Palace and the Oberoi Trident,
where it is believed that the armed men are holding dozens of hostages.

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