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Sfatul lui Jack Welch pentru managerii din Romania

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Intrebarea de mai jos i-a fost adresata lui Jack Welch in cadrul World Business Forum din New York, in octombrie 2007.

Question: ''I come from Romania, whose economy is growing 6-7% a year. What do you advise managers to do, when they act in fast changing environment - many businesses growing 30-40% a year, and many people are head hunted away for jobs?''

Jack Welch: ''Your job is to become a talent magnet.
Provide most exciting place going, at least equivalent wages or better. Delegate more and make the environment.

From my experience in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, you have to delegate and trust more. Let people grow as well. You'll have a better chance to keep people. Let them grow and celebrate every victory.

In a place like yours, growing like this, there ought to be kegs of beer, atmosphere where you can hardly wait to get there.
We had more problems in Hungary with the bosses, sitting on people. Then as other companies came to the country we had to shape up.
Create atmosphere of excitement. The same things Microsoft has fought with over the years, now Google is going through, create a plan and use your imagination to make your place the exciting place in Romania."

Dintre toate personalitatile din istoria lumii afacerilor, Jack Welch este probabil persoana despre care se vorbeste cel mai mult si ale carui idei sunt aplicate de catre cei mai multi. Si-a folosit din plin strategiile unice de leadership si instinctele ascutite de afaceri conducand 20 de ani General Electric, cea mai complexa companie din lume.

Vino sa-l intalnesti pe Jack Welch, aceasta figura legendara a lumii de afaceri.

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